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Bezvadu skaļrunis Jabra Speak 2 40 MS 2740-109, pelēka

Preces kods: 1333173

109,78 / gab.
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Izstrādājuma īpašības

Kopējie parametri

Zīmols Jabra
Produkta veids Bezvadu skaļrunis
Modelis Speak 2 40 MS
Forma Apaļa
Krāsa Pelēka
Skaļruņa tips Bezvadu

Audio atskaņošana

Jutība 83 dB
Iebūvēts mikrofons

Bezvadu un fiziskie savienojumi

Bluetooth interfeiss
Sniedz iespēju skaļruni savienot ar citām ierīcēm, kas atbalsta Bluetooth.
WiFi savienojums
WiFi ir bezvadu savienojums ar iekšējo tīklu.
Šis rādītājs norāda, kādām ierīcēm ir iespējams pievienot sistēmai.
1 x USB Type C, USB-A


Elektroapgāde USB

Fiziskie parametri

Svars 245 g


Hands-free (bezroku) funkcija
Frekvences diapazons 150 - 7000 Hz
Garantija 24 mēn
Garantija juridiskām personām 12 mēn
Jabra Speak2 40

It's time to call back
Next-generation professional sound in a portable speakerphone.

Work on the floor
Or in the living room. Or at the coffee table. Or at that tiny table on the back of the seat in front of you in an empty train car. No matter where you need to join the meeting, Speak2 40 is there for you. We designed the next generation of our world-leading speakerphones with full-duplex audio, state-of-the-art microphone technology and advanced speakers to help you in your hybrid workflow.

Speak up
When does a conversation stop being a conversation? When one voice comes out of the speakerphone and not everyone can equally participate in the meeting. Speak2 is our first line specifically designed with full duplex audio so everyone can speak and be heard at the same time. This keeps the conversation flowing naturally like face-to-face meetings, and virtual collaboration is generally easier. Now it's up to you to decide when to speak up. Use this opportunity wisely.

Only the best
You want to hear what others are saying, not the sounds of creaking chairs or the hum of a dying computer. That's why the next generation of the leading Speak line has more microphones than previous models. Four in total. These highly advanced beamforming and noise-canceling microphones pick up sound from all directions and perfectly filter out creaking chairs and computer noise, so the next time your boss says, "Great job," you won't miss it.

Every vote is equal
Everyone on your team deserves to be heard, from quiet thinkers to those thinking aloud. With our revolutionary new Voice Level Normalization technology, everyone will be heard equally well. This advanced voice technology equalizes all voices to the same volume level, so everyone can speak freely and no one needs to adjust the volume.

Quality above all
The latest addition to our leading line of Speak breaks all the rules when it comes to personal speakerphones. This powerful speakerphone ensures that every detail of what you say comes out loud and clear. Our 50mm full-range speaker with wideband audio captures and reproduces sound across a wide range of frequencies for beautiful, spacious sound that will grab everyone's attention. All you need to do is focus on your message.

A legend in a new version
While the Speak2 40 has a sleek new finish and a fashionable fabric speaker cover that improves acoustics, it's still our legendary speakerphone we all know and love. And it's still small and sturdy enough to throw in your bag. But you'd better not use it to play hockey.

Take it with you everywhere
Monday at the office. Tuesday at the kitchen table. Wednesday on a bench in the park. Hybrid work can take you and your speakerphone to extraordinary places. That's why we've improved its durability even further. With an IP64 dust and water protection rating and a sleek travel case, you can confidently take this little speaker anywhere. Even if you work in a different place every day.

Join meetings in seconds
Even if your Speak2 40 speakerphone is new and still in the box, you are literally seconds away from your first meeting. Just unpack it, plug it in and you're done. Go ahead, it'll only take a moment

All in good time
USB-C is the future, but many of us are still using the USB-A standard, so you could say that when it comes to USB, we are in a transition phase. Fortunately, the Speak2 40 is the first speakerphone in its category with USB-C and USB-A connectors on the same cable. So you can use it both now and in the future when you replace your current laptop with a newer model. In addition, Jabra Xpress and Direct software ensures that you always have the latest firmware. Because you deserve the best.
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