Blaupunkt AHS601 Air Humidifier

Blaupunkt AHS601 Air Humidifier

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49,00 / gab.
49,00 / gab.
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Produkta veids: Gaisa mitrinātāji
Zīmols: Blaupunkt
Modelis: AHS601
Svars: 2.1 kg
Krāsa: Balts, Melns, Zils
Ūdens tvertnes tilpums: 4.5 l
Jauda: 25 W
Darbības princips: Aukstais tvaiks
Ūdens patēriņš: 0.35 l/h
Trokšņa līmenis: 36 dB
Vadība: Elektrisks
Garantija: 24 mēn
Aromterapijas funkcija:
Papildus informācija: LED displejs. Aromatherapy funkcija. Taimeris: 10 stundas. Tālvadības pults
Blaupunkt AHS601 Air Humidifier
Preces apraksts angļu valodā:

Meet AHS601, superior air humidifier with built-in ioniser, which maintain the appropriate humidity in your home or Office. If You, your household members, and in particular small children, have chapped lips, irritated mucous membranes, headaches or trouble sleeping, humidifier can help solve these problems.

Optimal moisture
Optimal moisture for humans ranges between 40-60%. Unfortunately, in winter and autumn, by the action of heating systems, can fall up to 15%. A negative influence on the humidity also has air conditioning and the presence of electronic devices. Prolonged stay in areas with low humidity can lead to many ailments, including increased susceptibility to infections. Too high humidity favors the growth of mold and mildew. Humidifier AHS601 allows you to permanently maintain optimal humidity levels range from 40 to 80%, depending on the individual user preferences.

Built-In Ionizer
Electronic devices produce positive ions in the air. The built-in Ionizer in the humidifi er AHS601 negatively ionizes the air, which effectively eliminates harmful effects of televisions, computers, radios and other devices. The negatively ionised air promotes wellbeing and reduce the amount of bacteria in the room. By increasing the amount of negative ions in the air, compensated are also unpleasant smells.

Aromatherapy function
Therapies using natural essential oils fragrance every day are gaining in popularity. In addition to the aesthetic, aromatherapy is the perfect complement to other types of treatment. Humidifier AHS601 allows you to easily enjoy the fragrance of your choice, which will soothe your senses, stimulate and improve well-being. Simply remove the appropriate snap-in, put on it a few drops of essential oil, after inserting the snap switch on the unit and enjoy your favorite fragrance. Aromatherapy aromatic preparations only should be water-based.

Simplicity and Ease of Use
Built-in LED display indicates the current temperature and humidity in the room. In addition, the timer allows you to set the working time of the humidifier (up to 24 hours). With touch-sensitive and easily program your device. Remote control lets you control your device without having to humidifier. Water tank with a capacity of 4.5 l guarantees a long working time after a single addition.

Night mode
With the ability to turn off the display, you can comfortably use the humidifier at night, when the hosts are asleep. This way you will be sure that your child sleeps in appropriate conditions. Modern design humidifier has allowed to reduce the volume of the device does not exceed 35dB.

Cartridge water filter
Thanks to the descaling filter you do not have to worry about lime deposits on the floor and furniture in the immediate vicinity of the humidifier.
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