Blaupunkt EOM601

Blaupunkt EOM601

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Produkta veids Mini plītis un cepeškrāsnis
Zīmols Blaupunkt
Modelis EOM601
Svars 12.2 kg
Tilpums 45 l
Krāsa Melns
Jauda 1800 W
Vadība Mehānisks
Ar gaismu
Garantija 24 mēn
Papildus informācija Temperatūras kontrole: 90-230 ° C. Konvekcijas picas režģis līdz 30 cm. Taimeris: 0 - 60 min. Paplāte drupatām. Turētājs. Grils, bārbekjū.
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Electric oven, Blaupunkt, EOM601

A small flat is usually a small kitchen or a small kitchenette. So every centimeter counts in such rooms. When there is no room for a standard oven with an oven, but only for a small hob, the new, compact model of the free-standing electric oven EOM601 by Blaupunkt comes with help.

This practical and functional device is a smaller edition (smaller form) of a classic electric oven, but it does not give way to the quality of prepared dishes.

The EOM601 model will be appreciated by people who do not have free space in their kitchen, as well as lovers of good cuisine who will use it as support (additional help) for a stationary oven, eg during preparations for holidays.

In the new Blaupunkt electric oven, which has a capacity of 45 liters, it will easily fit the standard size of the cake plate, a roasted pan, and also a 30 cm pizza sheet.

Equipment of the device with two heaters: upper and lower, allows you to select several baking modes, and the functions of the hot air and roasting, further expand the range of preparation options. Sweet pastries, baked meat or the pizza that everyone likes will not differ in taste and appearance from dishes prepared in standard-sized ovens.

The baking temperature in the range of 90-230 ° C can be adjusted using a convenient knob. The same mechanism is also used to select the operating mode of the device and set its time (0-60 min), and the built-in timer will turn off the oven after the end of the set working time.

The device is also equipped with internal lighting, thanks to which you can see what the dishes look like during baking, without having to open it.

An important feature of the oven is a double, cold window and a non-heating casing, which protects users against accidental burns.

In the set with the EOM601 model there are also many useful accessories that will make preparing the dishes in the oven easy, comfortable and pleasant. Among them is a rotisserie with two forks made of stainless steel, a grate and a roasting pan. After baking, it is easy and safe to remove them from the device using dedicated handles.

Cleaning the oven will be facilitated by the crumb tray, thanks to which you can easily keep the baking chamber clean.

A black, compact oven with brushed aluminum elements and a modern glass panel will certainly be an aesthetic and practical equipment for every small kitchen.

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