Clean Air Optima CA-602

Clean Air Optima CA-602

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Produkta veids: Gaisa mitrinātāji
Zīmols: Clean Air Optima
Modelis: Optima CA-602
Svars: 1.7
Krāsa: Balts
Ūdens tvertnes tilpums: 3.5
Jauda: 30
Darbības princips: Ultraskaņa
Ūdens patēriņš: 0.25
Ieteicamā platība: 35
Trokšņa līmenis: 25
Vadība: Mehānisks
Garantija: 24
Aromterapijas funkcija:
Papildus informācija: Automātiska izslēgšanās, ja tvertnē trūkst ūdens. Nano silver filtrs
Preces apraksts angļu valodā:

Improvement of indoor climate through 3 functions in 1 device:
*Ultrasonic air humidification
*Air purification with ionizer
*Ultrasonic aroma diffuser

Ideal for working and living spaces up to 35m²/80m³
Nowadays humans spend most of their time indoors: often it is up to 90% of the time. Hence reason enough to devote more attention to relative humidity and quality of indoor air!

Risks through dry, bad indoor air
Especially during the heating period, relative humidity in living and working spaces drops below the advised 50-55% level. In summer times relative humidity in apartments, offices and buildings is often too low because of air-conditioning.
Low air humidity has negative consequences for the well-being of humans and animals. If exposed too long to dry air conditions sicknesses of the respiratory system may occur.
Furniture, wooden floors, antiques and plants also suffer from low humidity.

Clean Air Optima CA-602 provides optimal indoor climate
The ultrasonic air humidifier Clean Air Optima CA-602 with its cold diffusion system, its ionizer for air purification and its aroma diffuser provides a relaxed scent experience and an ideal indoor climate in living and working spaces up to 35m²/80m³.

Ultrasonic air humidification:
A small plate vibrating at high frequency (ultrasonic membrane) in the lower part of the air humidifier provides micro-fine cold mist with ultrasonic water diffuser technology and humidifies indoor air. A gentle airstream generated by a fan spreads the mist inside the room.

Air purification through ionization
In addition to of air humidification, an integrated ionizer produces negative oxygen ions that clean and refresh indoor air. Negative ions cling themselves to dust particles, microorganisms and other unwanted particles in the air and connect them to each other. The particles get heavier than air, fall onto the ground and can be filtered out of the air.

Aromatherapy with essential oils by Clean Air Optima:
Using essential oils for therapy purposes is called aromatherapy. Aromatherapy aims at sustaining and foster health and at curing diseases. Aromatherapy has a clearing effect and eliminates unpleasant smells. Experience a pleasant atmosphere in your home thanks to aromatherapy. You will notice that you will feel better and more relaxed.
Our assortment of high-quality essential oils can be found in our online shop under aromatherapy. The high-quality essential oils by Clean Air Optima are diffused into micro-fine mist by the ultrasonic air humidifier CA-602 with ionizer and aroma diffuser and they provide a scent experience that matches your wishes

The impact of the Clean Air Optima ultrasonic air humidifier CA-602 with ionizer and aroma diffuser: an ideal harmonization of indoor climate in your home!
Healthy, fresh, well humidified and flavored indoor air helps to avoid irritated respiratory ducts and dry skin. In seasons when relative humidity is low, ultrasonic technology can provide the right humidity indoors.
This multifunctional air humidifier provides an optimal indoor climate, fosters wellbeing of humans and animals, protects furniture, parquet, plants and other precious items in your home.
The silent Clean Air Optima Air humidifier CA-602 is a device with low energy consumption and is ideal for small and medium-sized rooms like the living room, bedroom, children’s room, office, treatment room, waiting room etc.

Allergies or skin problems?
Especially during the dry season house dust allergens swirl around in indoor air. Itchy eyes, irritated respiratory ducts and dry skin are the negative consequences of dry indoor air. The compact air humidifier CA-602 by Clean Air Optima has specially been developed for usage in small and medium-sized rooms up to 35m² and in order to give you a feeling of well-being. Dry skin is protected and sufficiently moisturized. The ailments of persons with allergy problems can be countered with humidified air. Their quality of life improves and they also sleep better.

Babies and children
Correct humidification in the living room and in the bedroom protects babies and children from dry and itchy skin, chapped lips and sore throats. Moreover the risk of house dust allergies is reduced. The silent Clean Air Optima air humidifier CA-602 with ionizer contributes to improve air quality in the children’s room and provides optimal air humidification.
This secure ultrasonic air humidifier by Clean Air Optima with cold diffusion, automatic turn off with a signal when the water tank is empty is particularly suited for children’s room.

Main advantages of the Clean Air Optima air humidifier CA-602:
* Ultrasonic air humidification
* Air purification with ionizer
* Ultrasonic aroma diffuser

• Suited for smaller and medium-sized rooms up to 35m²/80m³
• Ultrasonic cold water diffusion: secure, no hot vapor, ideal for families with babies and small children
• Silent, suited for the bedroom, children’s room, doctor’s practice and treatment rooms
• Easy maintenance, light and hence ideal for the usage by senior citizens and in care institutions
• Microfine water diffusion makes this device ideal for persons suffering from allergy and skin problems

Two programs:
1. Combined cold ultrasonic air humidification with air purification through the ionizer
2. Ultrasonic cold water diffusion

• Ionization provides purified and fresh air with oxygen ions
• Silent <25dB
• Easy manual operation with a control button for air humidification
• Button for the ionizer with LED display
• 360° turnable mist diffuser
• Hygienic and chemical free air humidification
• Ultrasonic technology and nano-silver eliminate bacteria and viruses, prevents smell formation
• Ceramic water filter makes tap water softer
• Permanent ceramic / Nano-Silver filter: no need to replace filters!
• Secure because of automatic turn-off with a signal when the water tank is empty
• Easy refill, cleaning and operation
• With aromatherapy function, different essential oils in stock
• High efficiency and low energy consumption
• Elegant design
• Color white, transparent water tank
• Excellent price performance ratio and low energy consumption
• For medium-sized rooms in an apartment, office, company, school, kindergarten etc.
• TÜV GS and CE tested
• 2 years guarantee

The combination of ultrasonic air humidification, ionization and aroma diffusion in one device make the air humidifier Clean Air Optima CA-602 particularly efficient.
The portable air humidifier Clean Air Optima CA-602 is particularly suited for professional use in companies, organizations, institutions, care and school establishments that consciously decide to have clean, fresh and healthy air in their buildings. Many companies can thereby profit from better working conditions. Complaints of employees regarding headaches, dry eyes, irritated respiratory ducts, fatigue and the risk of infection with flu or colds are significantly reduced.
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