Elektriskais skūteris Xiaomi Mi M365 Black

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Izstrādājuma īpašības

Produkta veids Elektriskie skrejriteņi
Zīmols Xiaomi
Modelis Mi M365
Maksimālā jauda 500 W
Maksimālais ātrums 25 km/h
Rāmja materiāls Alumīnijs
Krāsa Melna
Akumulatora tips Li-Ion
Akumulatora kapacitāte 12800 mAh
Akumulatora spriegums 42 V
Uzlādes kapacitāte 71 W
Uzlādes laiks 5.5 h
Uzlādes spriegums 100 - 240 V
Izmērs riteņiem 21.59 cm
Maksimālais uzlādes elektriskais diapazons 30 km
Priekšējo bremžu tips Nav
Riepu tips Piepūšamās
Aizmugures bremžu tips Disku, mehāniskās
Aizsardzības līmenis (IP) IP54
Maksimālā slodze 100 kg
Maksimālais slīpuma leņķis 15 °
Ar sēdekli
Priekšējais apgaismojums
Garantija 24 mēn
Vadība, izmantojot viedo ierīci
Garantijas akumulators 6 mēn
Svars 12.6 kg
Papildus informācija Enerģijas patēriņš 1.1 kWh / 100 km. Aizsardzība pret īssavienojumu un pārlādi. Disku bremzes. Gumijas pumpējamas riepas. 1.1 W ultraspilgts priekšējais lukturis (6m apgaismojums). Aizmugurē LED lukturis.

Video materiāls

Preces apraksts angļu valodā:

  • Elegant design
  • One minute to become ready for use
  • More than 30km on a single charge
  • Dual brake system
  • Portable and foldable

Elegant design
MiJia Electric Scooter was born with a simple design, where every detail works for the comfort and ease of use. In order to provide the most comfortable and exciting riding experience, the scooter has been given a solid construction with a folding design, a long stable handlebar and pneumatic tires that absorb bumps. And all you need to do to wake this road monster up is push a button.

Portable and foldable for easy carry
Push a button on the MiJia Electric Scooter and in 3 seconds it unfolds and is ready to go. When you arrive somewhere, just push the button again and the vehicle folds itself up just as fast. When folded it can be conveniently transported or neatly stowed away. It will get a lot of attention on the road for sure. People will be amazed when you fold it down and carry it with your hand effortlessly. The total weight is just 12.5kg while similar products usually weight over 17—20kg.

Not only beautiful but also easy to operate
MiJia Electric Scooter is a great scooter for driving around as it is lightweight and is made of high-quality materials. The scooter is easy to lift onto buses, trains or put into cars. It is very well-balanced, so you will still stand steadily on it even at low speed. The deck features the aircraft-grade aluminum with a textured layer on it to avoid foot slippery and two pneumatic tires help to reduce the impact of cracks.

Non-slip handlebars comfortable to grip

MiJia Electric Scooter has a switch, requiring to push it on/off in order to engage or disengage the engine. To control the speed of driving twist the throttle and pick the most comfortable driving speed. The throttle is super simple to understand and use. It offers variable power output so you can go slow if you like. Even when you twist it abruptly, the scooter will still start smoothly.

All controls are placed on the handlebar, including the power button that you use to engage or disengage the engine, the handbrake and the throttle, and the charge level indicator with integrated LEDs. It is clear from the first glance, how much charge is left in the scooter’s tank.

Incredibly bright headlights
With both a front and rear light this is one of the safer and more comfortable scooters. The front lights are integrated into the stem and feature 1.1W LEDs that are capable of lighting up 6 meters of road in front of you. The LED light on the rear activates bright when you pull the brake levers, showing pedestrians and cars that there is a cool driver on the road.

Reliable support under your feet
MiJia Electric Scooter comes with large 8.5-inch pneumatic tires that provide a lot of comfort compared with some of the solid tires and absorb shock better. Excellent cushioning properties of the tires make the scooter suitable for most of the city roads. Riding the scooter is smooth and quiet thanks to its motor design as well. The 250W brushless DC motor is built into the front wheel, is quiet and allows you to reach 25mph pretty quickly. On top of that, the scooter has a spacious deck that lets you rest your both feet on.

30 km on a single charge
Powering MiJia Electric Scooter are LG lithium-ion cells placed inside the deck. They are well protected in there from mechanical injuries and on top of that have their own multi-level protection from short circuits, overcharge, overheating, under voltage etc. Due to improved battery consumption, the scooter can go 30km on a single charge. It takes circa 5 hours to get it back on track after it runs out of juice.

Energy Recovery System

MiJia Electric Scooter is equipped with an energy regeneration system, which is an innovative technology used in high-end cars. If you live in an area where you have lots of ups and downs you can ride on the power you have from your initial charge and then regenerate charge from braking.

The scooter sports a combined brake system, which includes a ventilated disc brake system and an E-ABS Anti-lock brake system that offer excellent, smooth stopping power. The braking distance is short — 4 meters. You do not need to slam on the brake in case of emergency stop. Gentle release of the throttle goes a long way.

Speed control
With the help of latest technologies that include unique speed sensing algorithm, MiJia Electric Scooter has the ability to independently move at a constant speed, practically taking over control of itself and freeing your hands from stress and fatigue. By maintaining a uniform speed it also saves battery power.

Smart application and advanced management
MiJia Electric can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. With the help of the smartphone, all adjustments to your ride can be made. In the companion app, you can see the current speed, the current battery level, rotation speed, traveling time, and some other indicators. Also using the phone, you can update the firmware of the scooter.
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