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Šūpuļkrēsls Lionelo Bella 2in1, pelēka

Preces kods: 1333165

228,00 € / gab.
273,90 / gab.

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Izstrādājuma īpašības

Produkta veids Šūpuļkrēsls
Zīmols Lionelo
Modelis Bella 2in1
Platums 60.5 cm
Dziļums 76.5 cm
Augstums 57.5 cm
Svars 12 kg
Maksimālais bērna svars 1 - 9 kg
Krāsa Pelēka
Materiāls Alumīnijs, Poliesters
Rāmja materiāls Alumīnijs
Regulējams Slīpums
Drošības josta 5 punktu
Ieteicamais vecums no 0 mēn.
Šūpošanās ātrumu skaits 6
Rotaļlietu loks
Garantija 24 mēn
Lionelo Bella Rocker Set 2-in-1

Children love the rocking motion because it reminds them of the months spent in their mother's belly, where they felt extremely safe. Once born, the little one finds the familiar rocking in the arms of a beloved parent. But, after all, everyone sometimes needs a moment just for themselves or time to do household chores. With your needs in mind, we have created the Lionelo Bella Rocker Set 2-in-1.

Revolutionary 2-in-1 product

In the first few months of life, the baby should rest in a supine position - completely flat - this is the optimal and healthiest position for the baby. Out of concern for the correct psychomotor development of the toddler, we have created the Bella Set rocker with a carrycot in which the child can enjoy the benefits of rocking in a completely reclined position. The rocker will serve you from the first days of your baby's life until it reaches a weight of 9 kg or until your little one starts to sit up independently. It's a 2-in-1 solution because it comes with 2 seats - a gondola and a traditional rocker - when it gets more active and curious about the world, or when it just likes to have a good view of mum. Both upper parts are rotatable 360', allowing you not only to decide the direction of movement, but also to position the product so that you can always maintain eye contact with your child. The elements can be freely interchanged depending on your child's needs. Their installation takes only a few seconds.

As in the embrace of a parent

When designing the operation of the Lionelo Bella Rocker Set 2-in-1, we modelled it on the movements a baby feels in a parent's arms. The rocker has 6 unique rocking movements – 5 basic modes and an additional automatic mode that changes every 16 seconds. With its multi-track rocking motion, Bella captures the natural rhythm as in a parent's embrace, making the rocker a familiar and welcoming place for baby. A choice of 5 rocking speeds adjusts the intensity to your baby's preferences and moods.

Features that make life easier

The rocker is equipped with many useful features that make life easier for parents. Night mode causes the product to start slowing down until it stops completely. Activating an automatic movement detector - will activate rocking and music when the toddler starts to wriggle. This is because Bella rocks the baby as instinctively as its caregiver. You can decide all the settings of the device from the touch control panel or remotely using the remote control. This model plays 12 peaceful melodies with volume control.

Extremely comfortable seat

The Lionelo Bella Rocker Set's carrycot is equipped with a comfortable high-density T25 foam mattress, which stably supports the baby's body along its entire length. The outer part of the cover is made of peach skin material, which is extremely pleasant to the touch. The seat in the traditional rocker version is wide, appropriately shaped to ensure a comfortable and safe position for the child. It has 5-point safety belts. The seat has a 3-degree adjustable recline - from lying down, ideal for resting, to semi-reclining to sitting - for children who are curious about the world and want to participate more in family interactions. You'll also find a soft, ultra-comfortable cushion that moulds to your little one's body and provides just the right amount of support. Its exterior is made of natural bamboo fabric, which has a lot of benefits. This airy, pleasant-to-touch material can come into direct contact with the skin, even in the most sensitive areas on the body. The fabric is breathable, providing efficient ventilation and preventing excessive perspiration. Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, bamboo absorbs moisture, preventing the growth of fungi and mould. There are no artificial additives. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also safe for allergy sufferers.

Even more advantages of the Lionelo Bella Rocker Set 2-in-1

All product settings are decided from the touchscreen control panel or via the remote control. Thanks to the quiet operation of the motor, you can be sure that it won't wake your child up when it takes a sweet nap. This model plays 12 peaceful melodies and a toy headband - 3 in the rocker function, 2 in the cot function. The accessories additionally exercise the child's concentration, provide new stimuli and encourage them to stretch their hands. The Lionelo Bella Rocker Set 2-in-1 is lightweight and can easily be moved and set up anywhere. Anti-slip pads will protect the floor from scratches. In case of dirt, the frame can be wiped with a wet cloth and the mattress cover and cover can be washed by hand.

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