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Videokarte Gigabyte GeForce RTX™ 4060 Windforce OC, 8 GB, GDDR6

Preces kods: 1402985

343,00 € / gab.
349,00 / gab.

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Kopējie parametri

Produkta veids Videokartes
Zīmols Gigabyte
Video karšu sērija Windforce Oc
Modelis GeForce RTX™ 4060
Maksimālā izšķirtspēja
Jo augstāka izšķirtspēja, jo skaidrāks attēls.
7680 x 4320
Atbalstīto monitoru skaits 4
Krāsa Melna


Atmiņas taktiskā frekvence
Grafiskā dzinēja ātrums (MHz) norāda, ar kādu takts frekvenci strādā video kartes svarīgākā komponente - video procesors. Jo lielāks dzinēja ātrums, jo jaudīgāka video karte.
1830 MHz
Maksimālā atmiņas taktiskā frekvence 2475 MHz

Atmiņas parametri

Video kartes atmiņas tips
Video kartes operatīvās atmiņas tips nosaka video kartes ātrdarbību. Pašreiz pieejamās video kartes tiek komplektētas ar GDDRIII, vai GDDR5 atmiņu.
Video kartes atmiņa
Lielāks atmiņas apjoms nozīmē labāku veiktspēju un lielākas izšķirtspējas atbalstu.
8 GB
Atmiņas kopne
Video kartes operatīvās atmiņas biti nosaka, ar kādu informācijas daudzumu vienā takts frekvences ciklā spēj strādāt video kartes atmiņa. Lielāks bitu skaits norāda uz augstāku video kartes veiktspēju.
128 b


D-Sub ir klasiskais (analogais) monitoru pieslēgšanas spraudnis.
2 x DisplayPort, 2 x HDMI


Platums 12 cm
Dziļums 19.2 cm
Augstums 4.1 cm


Atbalstītās tehnoloģijas DirectX 12 Ultimate. OpenGL 4.6.
Dzesētāju skaits 2
Ieteicamā barošanas bloka jauda 450 W
nVidia G-Sync
AMD FreeSync
nVidia SLI
AMD CrossFire
Garantija 24 mēn
GeForce RTX 4060 WINDFORCE OC 8G – ultra-realistic graphics and the highest performance
Choosing your dream graphics system is an important issue, not only for gamers. To meet the expectations of users, Gigabyte has designed a system that is astonishing in its performance. GeForce RTX 4060 WINDFORCE OC 8G is a graphics card that proudly represents the Ada Lovelace family - the most modern generation of graphics systems. Enter a world of ultimate performance that gives you the freedom to perform gaming, creative and professional tasks. Don't let your equipment limit you - never again. With this graphics card model, every task is at your fingertips.

Ada Lovelace – NVIDIA's pinnacle of graphics generation
The new generation of RTX 4000 systems is a milestone in the world of graphics cards. However, their capabilities would not be possible without harnessing the power of Lovelace architecture. NVIDIA's proprietary technology guarantees the highest performance in all types of tasks, regardless of whether you use the card for entertainment or strictly professional tasks. The use of new streaming multiprocessors allowed for even better results. GeForce RTX 4060 WINDFORCE OC 8G features, among other things, twice as much performance and lower energy consumption. Choose the latest technology and enjoy even better performance

DLSS 3 – even better graphics
The new RTX 4000 series systems use the latest NVIDIA solutions. Among them, DLSS in its third installment comes to the fore. The new systems use the fourth generation of Tensor cores, which are responsible for the performance of DLSS 3. The dominance of the new version of NVIDIA's proprietary technology is beyond question. DLSS 3 offers four times the performance compared to brute-force rendering. The image rendered using DLSS 3 not only improves in quality, but also offers even higher quality. In this way, what had previously seemed irreconcilable was achieved. See for yourself and see how much impact DLSS 3 has on games.

Full immersion with the latest version of ray tracing
The third generation of RT cores is another pinnacle of the Lovelace architecture. Their use allows us to create a new quality of graphics that goes even further beyond previous limits. Dedicated cores allow you to generate realistic ray tracing in a form previously unavailable. In this way, even better results were achieved by increasing performance - the new generation is characterized by twice better results in generating ray tracing than in the case of the previous version. Launch your favorite game and see how easy it will be to mistake it for the real thing.

A wealth of NVIDIA solutions
By choosing a model powered by the Lovelace architecture, you gain more than you could have imagined. In addition to the standard techniques, there will also be others for your use, specialized in specific types of tasks. NVIDIA Reflex will allow you to react even faster to the gaming situation. NVIDIA Encoder is a treat for fans of sharing their passion - if you are a streamer, you cannot ignore it. NVIDIA Broadcast will be a supporting tool that will allow you to turn your room into a real recording studio, without the need for huge investments.

Finally, your creativity is something that cannot go unused - NVIDIA Studio will take care of it, allowing you to spread your wings. You can achieve all this easily by selecting the appropriate drivers. Time for some fun? Choose Game Ready drivers that will maximize the capabilities of this system in games. Do you work or study? Studio controllers guarantee the highest performance in all professional tasks.

Windforce cooling
With the GeForce RTX 4060 WINDFORCE OC 8G, all worries about graphics card overheating will become a thing of the past. This is ensured by Gigabyte's proprietary solution, known under the legendary name Windforce. In this system, the graphics processor is cooled by two 80 mm fans. Moreover, each of them rotates in a different direction, which minimizes the unfavorable movement of air masses and increases the flow pressure.

A heat pipe made of a copper composite takes care of direct heat dissipation from the graphics processor. This type of material provides the greatest opportunities for effectively receiving heat and transmitting it further. Add to this screen cooling (a specially profiled hole that improves air flow through the radiator), semi-passive operation of the fans and their unique shape, and we get an ultra-efficient cooling module that does not disappoint. Even in the most demanding situations.

Maximum protection of delicate elements
GeForce RTX 4060 WINDFORCE OC 8G was designed for long operating time. To ensure full protection, the graphics card has a metal backplate. The back cover not only looks stylish in your case, but it serves an important purpose. In addition to protecting the components on the PCB, it gives stiffness to the entire system. This way you can be sure that it will not bend under its own weight, firmly stuck in the PCIe slot.

The highest precision, the best elements
The printed circuit board of this graphics card is the result of using the best technological solutions and elements characterized by the highest quality of workmanship. This is manifested, among others, by: in the use of MOSFETs with lower RDS(on), which produce lower switching resistance. In this way, the current flow itself is characterized by faster charging and discharging parameters, which allows you to achieve the lowest possible temperatures. This translates into increased durability and greater efficiency.

Metal chokes have an increased ability to retain energy for a longer period of time. In this regard, they beat the more common iron core chokes. The latter lose their efficiency when operating at high frequencies, which makes them a worse solution. The use of metal chokes in this card reduces energy loss and any radio interference occurring along the way.

ESR capacitors are also present in this design. Their role is to ensure better electrical conductivity and reduce resistance to a minimum. In this way, the system maintains stable performance and has a longer service life as a whole.
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