WMF Signum Iced Tea Spoon

WMF Signum Iced Tea Spoon

Preces kods: 196909

4,25 / gab.
4,25 / gab.
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Produkta veids Tējkarotes
Zīmols WMF
Materiāls Metālu sakausējums
Vienību skaits 1
Garantija 24
Papildus informācija Gara tējkarote. Garums: 22 cm. Drīkst mazgāt trauku mazgājamajā mašīnā.
WMF Signum Iced Tea Spoon
Preces apraksts angļu valodā:

The Signum cutlery collection is modern yet familiar. Whether it's for breakfast, lunch or a multi-course festive dinner, Signum pairs perfectly with nearly all porcelain and proves itself to be a flexible cutlery set with clear and unadorned lines that combines various elements like a traditional rounded handle with balanced styles.

The long-handled lemonade spoon is suitable for all tall glasses and mugs and can be used as a latte macchiato spoon or for iced coffee or ice cream, to name a few examples. The spoon, which is available in a number of collections from WMF, is also ideal as a cocktail spoon.


The signum line from WMF creates a modern and intimate ambience at the table. The collection is an appealing and harmonious companion for every type of porcelain, whether at breakfast, lunch or a multi-course dinner. The design combines the traditional rounded handle with balanced, clear lines. The result is not only a simple and perfectly-styled look, but a smooth culinary experience as well.

Material and characteristics:
Cromargan® stainless steel 18/10, polished
Resistant to corrosion, hard-wearing
Completely dishwasher safe
21 different cutlery items
Includes versions with hollow handles
Silver-coated version also available

Stylistic features:
Traditional shape combined with clear lines
The long prongs of the fork, protruding bowl of the spoon and large knife blade are perfectly balanced
Suitable for a modern yet intimate atmosphere

Target audience:
Elegant, high-end restaurants

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