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Чистящее средство ZAA-ZOO-LAA Piggy Maid, для уборки кухни/для плитки/для мебели, 0.35 л

Код товара: 1261393

10,99 € / шт.
11,39 / шт.

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Информация о товаре

Свойства изделия

Тип продукта Чистящие средства
Коллекция Piggy Maid
Объём 0.35 л
Продукт предназначен для Для мебели, Для плитки, Для уборки кухни
С распылителем Да
Состав Неионогенные поверхностно-активные вещества (<5%), консерванты (феноксиэтанол)

Piggy Maid is a piggy
that will make your kitchen clean-y

A kitchen and a pigsty. You may have the impression that after preparing dinner you can put the equal sign between the two. Even if your kitchen has never looked that bad, you surely have a means and method to get rid of dirt there. It’s probably that something from a commercial with a pretty woman holding a frying pan that looks like it was used already in the Iron Age and then only for burning the food fried on it. And of course, nobody has ever washed it. So, a drop of the advertised green liquid is enough for the age-old dirt to change into a rainbow. But don’t let your children touch it. And before you use the pan again, it would be a good idea to rinse it thoroughly. Preferably a zillion times.

What we mean here is cleaning agent with a complicated composition. With beautiful names like sodium benzosate, a petrochemical, and our favourite: formaldehyde. Or short names like SLS, SLES, NTA and EDTA. A composition that even Maria Curie would have looked at with curiosity. However, if chemistry has never been your strong point, you don’t need to read such things or use them. Choose Piggy Maid instead!

Piggy Maid is a cleaning agent with a clean composition! This pig breaks stereotypes! She is clean outside and inside, and she’ll make clean everything she touches. She’s kind of like Miss Piggy and if there was a kitchen cleaning agent beauty contest, she would win it, no doubt. So, although she did not throw any ring into lava, she did not save a princess, and she is not a Jedi, do not think little of her, because she can clean like none other.

Zillion likes for Piggy Maid!

Everyone likes her. Vegans, allergy sufferers and those who care for the environment. Maybe it’s her pig snout, maybe it’s Maybelline. Or maybe her delicate effectiveness.

Be good to your friend and give her Piggy Maid

Piggy Maid: The Professional (kitchen cleaner)

The kitchen gets dirty. Every day. Therefore, it is worth having a professional ally for it. One in a nice bottle, with a nice composition and obvious effectiveness. Preferably in the company of a reusable sponge, dishwasher and plenty of good humour. Especially when you have many mouths to feed and a lot to clean. E v e r y d a y.

Furniture, tiles, household appliances and table tops

One liquid for the entire room (maybe apart from the floors, because that’s somebody else’s territory)? Piggy Maid is the answer. She is 100% organic, vegan, hypoallergenic, effective and safe. In a kitchen where you cook and then eat what you cook – it’s really important.

Even for dummies

As a true professional, Piggy Maid follows certain rules. Or actually a single rule, to make things simple. It says: Clean it fast and simple. Even if you clean like once a year, you will find her company useful. She doesn’t ask difficult questions, doesn’t grumble, just gets the job done.

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