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Экшн камера Kodak VR360 4K, белый

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Информация о товаре

Свойства изделия

Общие характеристики

Тип продукта Спортивные видеокамеры
Бренд Kodak
Модель VR360 4K
Диагональ экрана 1 ″

Сенсор и изображение

Размер сенсора 1/2.3"
Тип сенсора BSI MOS
Число мегапикселей 20.68
Максимальное разрешение 7360 x 3680
Стабилизация изображения Да

Система записи

Скорость записи изображения 1080p@60fps, 1920p@15fps, 1920p@30fps, 2160p@30fps, 270p@60fps, 2880p@24fps, 640p@120fps, 720p@120fps, 960p@30fps
Форматы звуковых файлов Acc
Форматы фото Exif, JPEG
Форматы видео файлов MP4
Функция «Time-lapse» Да


Тип управления На смартфоне, Электронная


Тип портов HDMI Type D, Microphone in, USB 2.0
Соединение WiFi Да
Беспроводная связь Bluetooth Да
Функция навигатора (GPS) Нет


Поддерживаемые карты памяти Micro SD, Micro SDHC, Micro SDXC
Максимальный объем карты памяти 256 ГБ


Объем батареи 1250 мАч
Продолжительность работы после зарядки 80 мин

Габариты, вес и цвет

Длина 6.76 см
Ширина 5.5 см
Высота 5.5 см
Цвет Белый
Вес 0.13 кг


Степень защиты (IP) IPX5
Совместимые операционные системы Android, iOS
Гарантия 24 месяц

Видео материалы

Our Image Stabilization is better than ever.
Commitment is part of our DNA and striving for perfection is what we challenge ourselves to do every day. What makes the ORBIT360 4K even better? Our new and improved image stabilization feature. Prepare to marvel at the smooth, fluid motion of videos taken with this award-winning 360° camera and don't be afraid to take this companion on your wildest adventures to put it to the test.

Optical Flow Stitching that disappears.
This is it. What you've been waiting for. Virtually seamless stitch lines that take full advantage of this dual lens 360° camera and the growing interest in taking ordinary videos to fully interactive and immersive masterpieces. Prepare to go beyond what you ever thought possible and experience the power of 360° technology with the ORBIT360 4K.

Every frame matters, so rest assured, you've captured them all!
With ordinary video camera, you're forced to frame every shot and often wonder if you captured what you intended. Not with the ORBIT360 4K VR camera. It's designed to help you easily capture 360° without missing a single angle and goes way beyond just recording a simple video. Using our complimentary PIXPRO VR Suite software, you now have the ability to make cinematic edits post-capture and choose the perfect frame, angle and put your signature on your work of art.

A unique camera that goes where you go!
Set yourself free with our new and improved Object Tracking feature on the ORBIT360 4K camera. Now you have the freedom to choose and set this intelligent camera to do the shooting for you. Simply select the Object Tracking setting and focus on the object of your desire. The ORBIT360 4K will take it from there, honing in on the subject and following its every movement. From the tortoise to the hare, fast or slow, we've got you covered. Trust us.

A unique camera that goes where you go!
The KODAK PIXPRO ORBIT360 4K is about to change your world. This portable powerhouse is easy to use to capture glorious 360° photos and videos, automatically stitch within the camera and share on the go. Prepare to leap into the world of 360° interactive photos and videos and capture everything you love to do with ease.

Using our complimentary PIXPRO Mobile APP for iOS™ and ANDROID™, with just a few simple steps, your Smart Device can effortlessly upload your 360° videos to YouTube™ and 360° photos and videos to FACEBOOK™ in a snap. Talk about user friendly!

* For the best viewing experience of 360° videos on desktop computers, we recommend using the latest versions of Chrome® or Firefox® web browsers. For smart phones and tablet devices, use the most up to date version of YouTube™ and Facebook™. Simply interact/navigate on both platforms by dragging your fingers across the screen or by actively panning your smart device up, down, left, right and around to fully experience multiple points of view and angles.

Shoot 360° Photos and Videos in More Ways than One
We’ve thought of everything. Whether you are using one of our convenient two BLUETOOTH™ remote controls, our friendly PIXPRO Remote Viewer APP, your computer or the ORBIT360 4K itself, you have options. We provide plenty of options for you to always stay in control and get the best 360° photos and videos possible.

Don't Settle for Less
You’ve never seen a camera like this before. Get ready to take your photography and video skills to new heights. The all new ORBIT360 4K VR camera was designed to be a compact, portable powerhouse and offers three unique multi-view angles in one modern design. Giving you the flexibility to frame, capture and shoot your adventures both big and small - any way you choose.

Design Beyond Any Other 360° Camera
The ORBIT360 4K allows you to take 360° photos or videos that help tell your story like never before. Two movie modes and two photo modes give you ample freedom and options to express yourself and record your adventures and moments that matter for generations to come. With a rugged exterior design built for almost any climate, terrain or environment, this 360° camera is ready to go where you go.

Want to connect with your friends and family now? Why not use your ORBIT360 4K to live stream to them from virtually anywhere with a computer and Wi-Fi™ ? Share your live gaming, music, sports, news or simply hangout with your friends and family. Click the links below to download the easy Live Streaming tutorial for your ORBIT360 4K on YouTube™ Live or Facebook™ Live!

360° Photos and Videos Anytime, Anywhere.
Are you constantly on the go and don’t want to wait to share your 360° content? Well, we’ve got your back. Download our complimentary PIXPRO Remote Viewer APP for iOS™ or ANDROID™ and have the ability to upload your 360° photos and videos from practically anywhere. Share your passions with your social circles and lead in the 360° revolution. Download the FREE PIXPRO Remote Viewer APP today and see what you’ve been missing.
- Control your ORBIT360 4K VR camera
- Set 360° Photo and Video Resolution
- Preview 360° Photo and Videos
- Control Exposure Levels and White Balance
- Playback Content
- Share to Facebook™ and YouTube™ on the Go

We've Got You Covered.
Surround yourself in 360° and take advantage of another powerful tool we offer. Download our complimentary PIXPRO 360 VR Suite and access a treasure chest of helpful and user friendly software, utilities and features that will allow you to use your ORBIT360 4K with your personal computer. Compatible with Mac (MacOS 10.10 and above) and Windows 7 (and higher), the PIXPRO VR Suite offers you the following tools and functionality to take your 360° photos and videos to the next level:
- 360° Photo and Video Editing Capabiities
- 360° VR Stitching Function
- Live View via Wi-Fi™
- ORBIT360 4K and SP360 4K VR Camera Control & Recording
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