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Экшн камера Lamax W9.1, черный

Код товара: 986143

221,90 / шт.
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Страхование устройства от ударов, повреждений водой и огнем, или его кражи

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Информация о товаре

Свойства изделия

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Тип продукта Спортивные видеокамеры
Бренд Lamax
Модель W9.1
Диагональ экрана 2 ″

Сенсор и изображение

Число мегапикселей 20
Максимальное разрешение 3840 x 2160

Система записи

Скорость записи изображения 1080p@120fps, 1520p@30fps, 2160p@30fps, 2160p@60fps, 720p@240fps
Форматы фото JPG
Форматы видео файлов H.264, MOV
Функция «Time-lapse» Да


Тип портов Micro HDMI, Micro USB, Wi-Fi
Соединение WiFi Да
Беспроводная связь Bluetooth Нет
Функция навигатора (GPS) Нет


Поддерживаемые карты памяти Micro SD
Максимальный объем карты памяти 128 ГБ


Объем батареи 1350 мАч
Продолжительность работы после зарядки 120 мин

Габариты, вес и цвет

Длина 6.4 см
Ширина 3.2 см
Высота 4.2 см
Цвет Черный
Вес 0.127 кг


Водонепроницаемость до 12 м
Гарантия 24 месяц

Видео материалы


Show everyone what madness you’ve been up to in glorious 4K. Go out for an adrenaline rush and take the LAMAX W9.1 with you. Whether you’re in the mountains, in the sea or at a skate park behind the block, with a 1.4“ display at the front and a 2“ one at the back, you’ll have the scene under your control non-stop. When taking a selfie, you’ll never cut the top of your head off again and all the action will be perfectly framed. The camera is robust and waterproof up to 12 metres, so you can take it into the waves and below the surface without using a case. Plus, you won’t need anything more, with a set of accessories you’ll have everything you need to get started right away.


Amaze others with high-end video and show your true self. The camera shoots in 4K at 60FPS. Full HD is at 120 frames per second - so you can slow down the video 4 times and it will still be absolutely smooth. Vibrations are smoothed out by the improved MAXsmooth stabilization, so even a proper ride on a bike or board will look great. With built-in Wi-Fi, dragging and dropping photos and videos takes is quick and you can send them online in an instant.


The LAMAX W9.1 is your no.1 partner wherever turning on your smartphone just doesn’t make sense. With a load of accessories and smart features, you’ll have everything you could want to take great shots. Make the movement really stand out with cinematic slow motion, add dynamics with impressive time-lapse or even speed the video up. The camera will take care of everything for you, without the need for any editing skills. The bright 2” touchscreen makes operating the camera a breeze, and thanks to the remote control which works over Wi-Fi, you can start recording even when the camera’s out of reach.


Don’t waste time, thanks to its water resistance, you can dive up to 12 metres below the surface without needing a case. Shoot underwater life in fine detail - the LAMAX W9.1 also takes photos of up to 20 Mpx. With the fisheye reduction, the only fish eye will belong to the shark behind you. There’s no wind to deal with underwater, but above the surface, you’ll definitely appreciate the smart wind noise reduction to fine-tune your audio.


With the LAMAX W9.1, you always see what you’re shooting. The rear 2“ touchscreen display helps you with setting the functions whilst the front 1.4“ screen makes sure you don’t fall out of frame when shooting yourself or taking selfies.


Don’t waste time putting on a case. The camera is waterproof and robust, so you can dive right in, to a depth of 12 metres. With the included case, it is up to 40 metres.


MAXsmooth stabilization smooths out aggressive riding on a board or bike. Dive into the action and experience it at home over again with perfectly smooth video.


Shoot your adventures in fine detail. You’ll have perfectly smooth 4K at your disposal with a frame rate of 60FPS. Full HD at 120FPS and HD at 240FPS.


Right out of the box we will deliver everything you need - with the remote control the creative possibilities are limitless, with the camera mounts you can easily click it on to your helmet and the mini tripod serves as a handy stand and holder.


The camera can record a full two hours in Full HD.


Take advantage of modes such as slow motion, time lapse, fast motion or extended exposure to create a video you'll be proud of. The features are automatic, so you don't need any video editing experience.


With built-in Wi-Fi and a smartphone app, you can drag and drop videos and photos quickly, wirelessly, and anywhere. You can edit them right away and send them to your followers.


Operation via the touchscreen is simple, and if you have the camera in its case or you’re wearing gloves, you can control it using the buttons. The camera menu is in English with many other languages to choose from.


In addition to a video camera, you also have a great stills camera in your pocket. Sharp photos with excellent colour rendering and a resolution of up to 20 Mpx. Plus, with fisheye correction, they won’t be distorted.

Оттенок товара может отличаться от изображенного на фотографии. Описание продукта носит общий характер, и оно необязательно содержит все свойства продукта. Цены на товары, опубликованные в интернет-магазине, могут отличаться от цен на товары, применяемые в супермаркетах и сервисных центрах. Остатки товаров на складе и в интернет-магазине в исключительных случаях могут не совпадать, поэтому сохраняется вероятность того, что сроки доставки могут отличаться от указанных при размещении заказа и / или мы не сможем выполнить Твой заказ или выполним лишь частично (в таких случаях Покупатель будет немедленно проинформирован).

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