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Рюкзак Rivacase Anti-Theft Laptop Bag, серый, 15.6″

Код товара: 1022075

22,59 / шт.
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Информация о товаре

Свойства изделия

Тип продукта
Указывает для какого занятия сумка будет наиболее подходящая.
Бренд Rivacase
Коллекция Anti-Theft
Модель Laptop Bag
Длина 305 мм
Ширина 120 мм
Высота 460 мм
Цвет Серый
Полиэстер - синтетический и прочный материал, который частично поглощается водой, которая, как правило, обозначается буквой Р, например P 600 D. Нейлон - синтетический материал, который может поглощать воду и обозначается буквой N, например N 420 D. Полиуретан (полиуретан) - синтетический материал, который не впитывает воду и обозначается буквами PU. Полипропилен - синтетический материал, который не впитывает воду и обозначается буквами PP. Кордура - Прочная ткань, которая используется в синтетических или натуральных материалах, чтобы можно было использовать ткань этой марки, ткани должны пройти стандарты. Буква D (денье) – Определяет тонкость волокна, чем число перед буквой D будет больше, тем тот же самый материал будет прочнее, например 600D. Буква T ( с английского языка thread count)-Определяет число потоков в конкретной зоне, чем чисто до T будет больше, тем ткань будет тяжелее и грубее, например 210T или 190T. Ripstop - Указывает, что ткань устойчива к разрывам. PF15 - Прозрачный материал полиуретана (PU). PF45 - Толстый прозрачный материал поливинилхлорида (ПВХ). PD350a, PS490, PS620, PD 900, PD620L - полиуретан (PU) материал с Поливинилхлоридным (ПВХ) покрытием. PS10, PS17, PS21, PS33, PS42R, PS17L - нейлоновый материал с полиуретановым (ПУ) покрытием. PS36C, PS620C - Материал Cordura с полиуретановым покрытием. DURAFLEX, Nexus-Прочные пластиковые пряжки. Hickor - полиэстер снаружи обеспечивает прочность полиуретан (PU) внутри обеспечивает водонепроницаемость.
Вес 0.635 кг
Подходит для устройств размером 15.6 ″
Отдел для компьютера Да
Водостойкий Да
Гарантия 24 месяц
Дополнительная информация Отделение для ноутбука: 265 x 390 x 40 мм
Anti-theft design
Protecting the contents of your bag is of absolute paramount importance to us here at RIVACASE. That is why we have made sure that this bag comes with its own anti-theft elements to ensure the safe transport of your belongings. A slim, compact design with a minimal number of visible pockets allows for no easy openings for thieves, and a main hidden zippered compartment hides your most crucial gadgets. Finally, a front hidden zippered pocket with an organizer panel perfectly conceals your valuables such as mobile phones, ID card, wallet, etc. So you can go about on your journey with confidence, safe in the knowledge that all your things are being kept free from harm and loss.

Hidden front zippered pocket
When creating this Prater range, we not only wanted to offer you an ultra secure bag to help ward off any danger from pick-pockets or thieves, but we also wanted to retain the features synonymous with all our products, of supreme functionality and ergonomic design. That is why we have made sure that our hidden front zippered pocket comes with its own organizer panel for pens, documents and a smartphone, so you can remain completely ready for whatever the day might throw at you and know where each one of your items is at all times.

Two inner side pockets
It is important when choosing a backpack that you select one that is going to help you make the most of your day and not just one to get you from A to B. This means selecting one that keeps you as organized as possible such that you're able to meet any challenge that comes your way. This bag does just this and comes with two carefully positioned inner pockets for water bottles, an umbrella, powerbank or whatever else you might need. So you can tuck away whatever item you might need that day and go about your day with the confidence of mind that comes from knowing you're prepped for whatever lies ahead.

Capacious main compartment
This Prater range has struck the perfect balance between size and practicality. Often backpacks are designed well but are so small that you are unable to fit anything of consequence into them. This in our eyes is entirely pointless. Similarly, bags can offer you ample space but instead are completely devoid of the practical and ergonomic elements to allow you to orientate yourself and your day with ease. This bag treads the careful line between these two poles and offers you a capacious main compartment with all the necessary elements you need to aid you in your journey ahead.

Padded laptop compartment
These days it is absolutely imperative that you keep your main electronic device safe and secure. For most of us, this will be our laptop or main tablet. Ensuring this isn't easy when transporting your things in large suitcases or flimsy bags. That is why this bag comes with its very own vertical load laptop compartment with soft sides and a strap that securely fixes your laptop in place. So with this Prater bag, there's no danger of your crucial device rattling around and instead, you are afforded the stability you need to move around your day with ease.

Comfortable shoulder straps with softened bands
There are few things worse than buying a backpack only to find that the using of it causes the bands to dig into your neck and shoulders. Not only might this be uncomfortable but it can also be dangerous. Research shows that, with prolonged use, bags that produce the uneven distribution of weight across your shoulders, produce severe pressure on certain areas of your body and can lead to serious health consequences with regards to muscles and joints. This bag though comes with specially designed comfortable shoulder straps with softened bands, so that no matter the weight you're carrying or the length of the journey, you will remain in comfort.

Sofr carrying handle
Sometimes when moving around an airport or train station, or even on your daily commute, you need to be able to just get up and go at a moment's notice. Sometimes you simply do not have the time to be whipping the bag on and off your shoulders every time you get off the train. That is why we have made sure that this Prater bag comes with its own soft carrying handle so that you can grab it and go and not lose a moment of time in your day.

Strap management system
When using a backpack you want to ensure that you are as compact as possible on your journey. Any loose ends or straps can not only prove an annoyance but can also present a significant danger. Dangling straps for instance can get caught in closing doors of trains or elevators, or they can become snagged on branches when riding your bike. This Prater bag helps circumvent these dangers and comes with its own special band with velcro at the end of a strap which allows you to roll the excessive strap and fix it in place. This enables you to move around your day with ultimate security, while also remaining highly compact.

USB-port with built-in cable
These days we all need to remain online and ready to receive and send messages at all times. Not only is this the case but all our work is now done using electronic devices. This means that for many of us briefcases or messenger bags, and any bag whose shape and construction has been specifically designed for carrying paper, are becoming more and more redundant. This is a bag though that is built for the 2020s and so it comes with its own USB-port and built-in cable so you can charge or connect to your device and remain linked up and ready to work at all times of the day.

High-quality water-repellent fabric
At RIVACASE we pride ourselves on creating products that not only are durable in and of themselves, but which also will help contribute to the longevity of all of your belongings. Ensuring that your electronic items are kept away from moisture, is, as a result, a top priority for us when we are in our design stages. That is why this Prater bag is made using a high-quality water repellent fabric, so that if you are caught in a sudden shower the water will simply run off your bag and your valuables will remain free from harm or damage.
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