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Умные часы MiBro Watch Lite 2, черный

Код товара: 1450251

57,70 / шт.
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Тип продукта Смарт часы
Бренд MiBro
Модель Watch Lite 2
Тип ремешка Классический, Спортивный ремешок
Цвет Черный
Цвет ремешка Черный
Материал браслета Кожа, Силикон


Тип портов
Bluetooth является беспроводной сетью для передачи данных между мобильными устройствами и их принадлежностями (телефоны, беспроводные гарнитуры и т.д.), а также позволяет отправлять данные с мобильного устройства на компьютер и наоборот. NFC (на английском языке:. Near Field Communication) это комплект технологий, который обеспечивает беспроводную связь в малом радиусе. Например у Вас есть возможность сделать оплату за услуги, или переслать данные между устройствами (например смартфон и планшет) которые поддерживают NFC. Wi-Fi Direct (ранее известный как Wi-Fi Peer-to-Peer) - стандарт, позволяющий двум и более Wi-Fi устройствам общаться друг с другом без хот-спотов и маршрутизаторов. WiFi Direct обеспечит беспроводное соединение с помощью нажатия одной кнопки, без нужды в сложных конфигурациях. Благодаря этой функции, у Вас будет возможность пересылать данные между устройствами (изображения, музыку итд.)
Bluetooth 5.1


Совместимые операционные системы Android, iOS
Совместимость версии операционной системы (OS) Android 5.0 или новее, iOS 10 или новее


Дисплей Да
Тип экрана AMOLED HD
Размер экрана 1.3 ″
Разрешение 360 x 360


Объем батареи 350 мАч
Способ зарядки Магнитная зарядка
Продолжительность работы после зарядки 12 день


Указывает, могут ли спортивные часы контролировать пульс и отображать его на дисплее. Пульс важен для того, чтобы улучшить свои тренировки.
Kалькулятор, Акселерометр, Будильник, Календарь, Монитор сердечного ритма, Прогноз погоды, Спортивные режимы, Таймер, Трекера стресса, Управление музыкой
Гарантия 24 месяц

Видео материалы

Pressure Measurement
Smart watches equipped with a blood pressure measurement function are a solution for people who want to always have health parameters under control. This is a safe and easy-to-use feature that will help detect possible circulation problems. Athletes will also be satisfied because they will be able to check their body's reaction to physical exercise. A big advantage of a smartwatch with a blood pressure monitor is the compact appearance of the device. Thanks to this, you will be able to use this option in all conditions.

Measurement of blood oxygen saturation level
Modern watches that monitor the level of blood oxygen saturation will surprise even the most demanding users. This innovative function will allow you to constantly control your respiratory capacity by monitoring the saturation level. If this value drops below 90%, we are talking about hypoxia, which may indicate improper lung ventilation. The smartwatch will successfully detect any problems so that you can contact your doctor in time. All for the sake of your health.

A plastic smartwatch strap can be made of various types of plastics. This makes them resistant to many environmental factors . They will not be harmed by water, but some surfaces may be susceptible to scratches. A wide selection of devices will allow you to perfectly match the color and style of the strap to your personal preferences. This is great news for customers who choose a device based on its aesthetics. Many manufacturers offer the opportunity to purchase belts in different colors.

function The Bluetooth enables wireless communication between devices. Just synchronize the smart watch with your smartphone and it will provide the user with all statistics on training activity, sleep quality and distance traveled using a special application. This technology also allows you to remotely manage smartwatch settings. The connection works very quickly and works perfectly in all conditions. Thanks to this, you can personalize your watch in many ways.

Stress tracking
The smartwatch is able to register whether your day is quiet or stressful. The use of heart rate sensors allows you to track its changes in various situations and use them to measure your stress level. When the stress level is too high, the smartwatch will inform you to reduce it by performing breathing exercises.

Smartwatches equipped with an AMOLED display will provide excellent image quality. The design is based on improved organic diodes. The screens do not require backlighting, but can show vivid and clear colors. Another advantage of this technology is high energy efficiency . Long operating time, wide viewing angles and perfect black reproduction are the elements that make these modern devices worth choosing .

Compatible with iOS
-compatible smartwatches iOS are devices that can be easily synced to your iPhone. Currently, more and more manufacturers are choosing this technology. Thanks to this, owners of smartphones with the bitten apple logo can find a smart watch in every price range. A wide selection of models will allow you to choose the perfect equipment to suit your preferences. These are both advanced smartwatches with high technical parameters, as well as cheaper ones that are perfect for basic applications.

Compatible with Android
The vast majority of smart watches are compatible with Android . Every smartphone user with this software will be able to enjoy comfortable operation of many applications. A wide range of models will allow you to find a smartwatch in every price segment. They include high-class models that no enthusiast of technological innovations can ignore. There will also be cheaper smartwatches intended for less demanding customers.

Smart watches equipped with a step counter are devices that monitor physical activity. They are widely used not only among runners, but also other users who want to always control the amount of calories burned. The smartwatch will accurately calculate this value based on the number of steps and the pace of the distance covered. Thanks to this, the most important statistics will always be at your fingertips. This is a perfect solution that, together with the GPS function, defines the highest training comfort.

Sleep monitor
Smartwatches equipped with sleep monitoring function will allow you to precisely determine the quality of your rest. After waking up, you will be able to check detailed statistics regarding the length of sleep and its individual phases. Another useful feature is smart wake-up. The smartwatch will put the user on his feet thanks to gentle vibrations. We can set the alarm clock for a specific time or use the watch's suggestions, which, based on analyzes, will detect the moment when you will get the most sleep.

Heart rate measurement
The heart rate monitor built into the design of the smartwatch is a perfect solution for users who constantly strive for better and better sports results. This function will allow you to easily check what heart rate allows you to cover a given distance at a given pace. On this basis, you can develop the most effective training technique. Of course, this is not the only application of this technology. Constant monitoring of your resting heart rate will help detect any blood pressure problems. All for the sake of your health.

Calorie counter
Smartwatches equipped with a calorie counter will be chosen by customers for whom a healthy lifestyle is a priority. The technology analyzes the duration of physical activity, heart rate measurement and distance traveled. Based on this data and information about the user's weight and height, it measures calories burned. After training, you will receive detailed statistics that will allow you to assess its effectiveness. This feature can be a great motivator for people who are just starting their adventure with sports.

Distance meter
Enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle eagerly choose smartwatches with a distance measurement function . This is a technology that can work with a pedometer or GPS module. This allows for detailed analysis of training and control of sports results. People who are just starting their adventure with sports can set a daily distance goal and set themselves new challenges based on this. A watch equipped in this way can be a great motivator that will help you achieve your dream figure.
Оттенок товара может отличаться от изображенного на фотографии. Описание продукта носит общий характер, и оно необязательно содержит все свойства продукта. Цены на товары, опубликованные в интернет-магазине, могут отличаться от цен на товары, применяемые в супермаркетах и сервисных центрах. Остатки товаров на складе и в интернет-магазине в исключительных случаях могут не совпадать, поэтому сохраняется вероятность того, что сроки доставки могут отличаться от указанных при размещении заказа и / или мы не сможем выполнить Твой заказ или выполним лишь частично (в таких случаях Покупатель будет немедленно проинформирован).

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