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Швейная машина Singer Confidence 7640, электомеханическая швейная машина

Код товара: 1094827

349,90 / шт.
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Тип продукта Швейные машинки
Бренд Singer
Модель Confidence 7640
Тип машины
Есть швейные машины трех видов — компьютеризинованные, электромеханические и оверлочные. Компьютеризинованные швейные машины предлагают больше опций по сравнению с электромеханическими, а оверлочные предназначены для обрезки и обметывания краев.
Электомеханическая швейная машина
Материал корпуса Пластик


Максимальная длина стежка 4.5 мм
Максимальная ширина стежка 7 мм


Дисплей Да

Функции и возможности

Количество функций 141
Автоматический нитевдеватель
Эта функция облегчает использование швейной машины, автоматически вдевая нитку в иголку.
Нитеобрезчик Да
Максимальная частота оборотов в минуту 800 об./мин
Может быть горизонтальная или вертикальная. Распространеннее швейные машины с горизонтальной катушкой, потому что ими немного удобнее пользоваться.
Количество видов швов
Указано, сколькими разными видами стежков можно шить на швейной машине.
Выполнение петли Да
Некоторые модели швейных машин оснащены возможностью шить в обратную сторону.

Габариты, вес и цвет

Ширина 430 мм
Высота 330 мм
Вес 7.5 кг
Цвет Белый


Усиленный шов Да
Шов для вышивания Да
Трикотажный шов Да
У некоторых швейных машин имеется также освещение, что позволяет лучше рассмотреть рабочую поверхность и мелкие детали.
Набор Лапка общего назначения, лапка для молнии, лапка для петли, лапка для пришивания пуговиц, лапка для простого шитья, лапка для потайной подгибки, лапка для атласных стежков, лапка для равномерной подачи/ходьбы, лапка с открытым мыском, лапка для шнура, удлинительный столик, вспарыватель швов/щетка для ворса, кромка/ Направляющая для квилтинга, набор игл, шпульки (прозрачные, класс 15), колпачки для катушек, вспомогательный стержень для катушки, фетр для стержня для катушки, отвертка, мягкий чехол от пыли, таблица образцов строчек и держатель для карточек со строчками.
Гарантия 24 месяц

The Confidence 7640 sewing machine has many features sewists love! With 379 stitch applications from which to choose, you can create and embellish fashions, home decor and much more. There are alpha-numeric patterns built-in as well, so you can personalize projects with lettering.

Sew buttonholes in one easy step with consistent results every time. You can even choose from 8 different styles of buttonholes – like the basic bartack style, round end and keyhole, great for menswear and outerwear.

Programmable Needle Up/Down is a must-have for quilting, sewing appliques and even topstitching. When you select a stitch, the optimum stitch length and width are selected for you, saving time. Customize stitches to personalize projects using adjustable stitch length and stitch width, viewable on the LCD screen.

The Top Drop-in Bobbin allows you to easily monitor your thread supply so you don't run out of thread in the middle of a seam.

You can even set the maximum sewing speed of the machine using the Speed Control lever – slower for more intricate projects or faster for long seams on curtains or duvets – you're always in control. Take off the Removable Storage Compartment to access the Free Arm, which makes it even easier to sew around trouser hems and cuffs, children's clothing and other smaller projects. Among the numerous accessories included is the SINGER® Sew Easy Foot to help you guide fabric for perfectly straight seams. There is also an online Owner's Class video available whenever you feel like you want a little assistance.

Stitch Applications
A Stitch Application simply means a specific sewing technique that you can do with a selected stitch. Basically, Stitch Applications are all the different things you can actually DO with your machine!

Online Owner's Class
Learn your machine's basics like threading the machine correctly, selecting stitches, making a buttonhole, changing the needle and more. Available online whenever your are!

Built-In Lettering
Personalize projects with words, phrases or monograms
Temporary Memory Capability (40 Characters)

Combine stitch patterns to create a unique stitch sequence

Built-In Stitches
Choose from a variety of stitches for basic sewing, decorative sewing, and more

One-Step Buttonhole
Buttonholes are sewn in one easy step. Just place the button in the buttonhole foot and the machine sews a buttonhole perfectly sized for that button, delivering consistent results every time.

Built-In Needle Threader
Effortlessly threads the eye of the needle - eliminates eye strain and saves you time

Top Drop In Bobbin
Easy to thread and easy to see! The transparent bobbin and cover allow you to monitor your thread supply so you don't run out of thread in the middle of a seam.

Drop Feed
Feed teeth can be lowered for button sewing or free-motion sewing - a must-have for quilters! Simply slide the Drop Feed Lever to lower the feed teeth. Slide it back and turn the handwheel one full turn to raise the feed teeth again.

Touch Button Stitch Selection
Select your stitch with a simple touch of a button - the optimum stitch length and stitch width are preselected so you can start sewing faster, but stitch settings can be adjusted as desired to customized for your projects

Adjustable Stitch Length
Customize the appearance of a stitch by increasing or decreasing the distance between stitches. Use this function for various stitch techniques like applique, basting and more.

Adjustable Stitch Width
The size of the stitch from left to right is adjustable, to make the stitch sew narrower or wider as desired.

Reverse (Touch Button)
Sew stitches in reverse, usually done to secure a seam at the beginning and end to prevent unraveling.

Heavy Duty Metal Frame
The machine's interior frame is metal, providing long lasting durability

Speed Control (Mechanical)
Set the maximum sewing speed of the machine

Start/Stop Button
Allows you to sew without using the foot control, if desired. Press the button to start sewing, then press again to stop sewing.

Needle Up/Down
Select the needle's stopping position on demand

Programmable Needle Up/Down
Set the needle's stopping position as desired. Press to have the needle stop down in the fabric each time you stop sewing, great for applique, topstitching and more.

LCD Screen
LCD screen clearly displays your selected stitch as well as stitch settings for length and width.

Free Arm
Slide off the Removable Storage Compartment for access to the free arm, making it easy to sew trouser hems, sleeve cuffs and other smaller or tubular projects

Extension Table Included
A large extension table is included, providing a level sewing surface for larger projects like quilts.

Machine Cover (Soft Cover)
A cover is provided with your machine to help keep it dust free when not in use

Snap-On Presser Feet
Presser feet can be easily removed and attached when needed for various sewing techniques

Twin-Needle Function
For stitches other than the straight stitch, this function reduces stitch width for sewing with a twin needle so the needles clear the presser foot while sewing.
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