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Велосипедный держатель для автомобилей Atera Genio Pro Advanced 022780

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Информация о товаре

Свойства изделия

Тип продукта Кронштейны велосипедов
Бренд Atera
Модель Genio Pro Advanced 022780
Тип крепления На фаркоп
Максимальное количество велосипедов 2
Максимальный вес велосипедов 30 кг
Можно складывать Да
Велосипед прикрепляется к держателю Да
Возможность открыть багажник с прикрепленным кронштейном Нет
Запор кронштейна на автомобиле Да
Вес 19.6 кг
Мягкая подложка Нет
Дополнительная информация Есть возможность подсоединить адаптер для третьего велосипеда, продается отдельно.

Видео материалы

Atera have been making superb tow bar racks for may years, the Genio Pro is their most innovative yet. They've really future-proofed this rack. It carriers anything from a small kid bikes, to huge MTBs or heavy eBikes. It has a massive tilting angle - you can even open the vertical tailgate of an MPV or a van (e.g. the Vito or T6). You can rest assured that whatever bike you ride, or car you drive, you'll be using the Genio Pro for years to come.

What makes the Genio Pro so special?

The Genio Pro tilts far enough that vertical tailgates can be opened. Most tow bar racks only tilt far enough to open the boot on a hatchback / saloon / estate or SUV. The Genio Pro has two tilt settings, the extended angle is ideal if you have an MPV or a van with a vertical tailgate (e.g. the T5/T6 or Vito).

The Genio Pro features Atera's new 'Plug & Drive' system. This intuitive quick-release fitting features the most sophisticated, one-hand mounting ever for a bike carrier. Simply put the folded Genio Pro on the tow bar, press down the lever and you're done.

The wheel trays fit virtually all bikes. The 124cm wide platform will take anything from small children's bikes to large bikes with bigger wheelbases. It will carry bikes up to 30kg, so is a great option for eBikes. The wheel straps take anything from skinny road bike tyres to 3.8" wheels (a longer strap is available separately for 4" tyres).

The bike holder arms can be removed (when unlocked) so they can be repositioned without the need to remove the bikes and start again. They fit oval and other outsize frames, as well as round ones. Cushioning on the straps protects your bike frame. The lockable wrap-around strap provides a much safer grip on the bike frame than just a ‘jaws’ type holder; Atera’s strap has a sprung steel core to it, giving very good theft protection as well as extra safety – it’s not just a plastic strap!

The bike platform rotates to fold in an innovative way. As well as protecting the lights from damage – the lights are always the vulnerable part of a tow bar carrier - this folding system means that it’s the clean side of the platform (not the underside) that’s on the outside when folded. This means that you won’t be cleaning off the grease and salt from the road on your clothes, or on anything else in your car boot space.

You can carry the Genio Pro very ergonomically, standing upright and with no strain on your back. When you place it on the tow ball it stays on the horizontal.

Easy folding allows for ergonomic / safe handling and fitting, and also makes the carrier small enough to put safely in the car boot, out of the way, when you’re out for a ride – making it easier to fit your car into a packing space.

The environment behind a car is a pretty hostile place for a bike – a steady spray of dirty salt and grease – the bike platform provides useful protection for the bikes compared to most tow bar carriers. The frame is made from matt anodised aluminium - strong and lightweight.

A 3rd bike adapter is available – extremely easy and quick to fit and remove (it takes seconds) compared to the other systems on the market. There's also a loading rail (useful for e-bikes in particular) and a storage bag (see below).

Other specifications:

  • Max load capacity: 60kg, or 66kg with the 3rd bike adapter (tow bar nose weight limit permitting)
  • Maximum weight per bike: 30kg
  • Weight: 19.6kg
  • Fits frames 25 to 80mm
  • Fits tyres up to 3.8" wheels (a longer strap is available separately for 4" tyres)
  • Maximum wheelbase: 1300mm
  • Lockable: the rack locks to the tow ball and the bikes are locked to the rack
  • Supplied fully assembled
  • Comes with a 13 pin plug for 13 pin continental type electric sockets. We also provide a 7 to 13 adapter, free of charge, for cars with 7 pin sockets.
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